Eyewitness News Podcast

Eyewitness News Podcast

Eyewitness News Anchor, Nick Toma has more than 30 years of experience in print and broadcast journalism.

Join Nick each week for an in-depth discussion of the top headlines from Northeastern & Central Pennsylvania, as well as issues near and dear to his heart (baseball and music).

Have a topic or question for Nick? Email the show, podcast@pahomepage.com

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    2019 Primary Election Preview

    The general election isn’t until November, but many municipal races will be decided by the winners of next week’s primary elections. Eyewitness News is your Local Election Headquarters, and Andy Mehalshick is here to help us break down some of the notable races that could shape to future of our region for the next few years.

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    The Big Yellow Bus

    How safe are our children when we put them on the bus for school in the morning? That's a question Lead I-Team Reporter Andy Mehalshick set out to answer.

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    An Inside Look at Marine Corps Educators Workshop

    The decision to enlist in the Marines shouldn't be taken lightly. Eyewitness News Reporter Cody Butler traveled with a group of educators to Parris Island to learn what the life of a recruit is like so they can understand what students might go through.

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    The Future of Nuclear Power in Pennsylvania

    Legislation is being debated in Harrisburg concerning nuclear power in Pennsylvania. We spoke with State Senator John Yudichak and Eric Epstein of TMI Alert about the pros and cons of nuclear power and their views on the future of power in Pennsylvania.

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    Columbine: 20 years later

    20 years ago the unthinkable happened and 2 disgruntled students committed a grotesque attack on their high school. On this episode of the Eyewitness News Podcast, we take a look back on that event and the impact it has had on our society.

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    Lobbying for Luzerne County | Work Zone Safety

    Luzerne County has some expensive projects on the horizon, we take a look at some new initiatives the county is considering to help find funding.

    And spring means construction season is underway. What you need to know to stay safe in Work Zones.

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    Opening Day 2019

    A Red Sox fan, Yankee fan, and Phillies fan sit down to talk about the magic of Opening Day.

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    Cold Case: Marise Chiverella | Community Comes Together for Walmart Greeter

    On this episode of the Eyewitness News Podcast, we take a look at some new technology police are using to try and crack the 55-year-old murder of 9-year-old Marise Chiverella.

    And a community came together to support a young man who was going to lose his job as a Walmart Greeter because of a disability. Now he has a new position, and thanks to a generous donation, a new wheelchair.

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    Wilkes-Barre Shootings Investigation | Vietnam Nurse Carol Ann Drazba

    On this episode of the Eyewitness News Podcast, we check in on the investigation into a series of shootings in Wilkes-Barre in late February.

    Then we hear the story of a woman from Lackawanna County who volunteered to serve as a nurse during the Vietnam War.

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